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The ultimate non-invasive smile enhancement

Everything you want to know about Puresmile:
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have never been able to have so much control over masking out dark teeth and creating a consistent color across all of your teeth than with Puresmile. Again, this is because we are adding the composite directly to your teeth, allowing us to see in real-time if we are truly blocking out the dark teeth. This is so challenging to do with porcelain veneers because the veneers are made outside of your mouth, making it more of a guessing game. Also, this is very hard, if not nearly impossible, to accomplish with teeth whitening products. Insert Puresmile here – to have the most ideal smile makeover possible.

Another unique feature of creating a smile makeover with Puresmile is the ability to “lift” the gums creating harmony and balance between the teeth, gums, and lips. The “gum lift” is done at the same time as the rest of the procedure and doesn’t require separate visits. This is different from the traditional cosmetic gum lift, which often involves surgery, sutures, and months of healing before placing the porcelain veneers. The unique properties of composite resin allow for margins (where the material meets the tooth) measured in very small nanometers. This means that bacteria can not reside in such a small space, leaving the margin very clean and the gum tissue less prone to inflammation. Traditional porcelain veneers result in margins in the micrometers, which is a large enough gap for bacteria to reside and can result in gum tissue inflammation requiring a separate surgical procedure before the veneers can be placed.

Puresmile quickly and easily solves this problem because the composite resin can simply fill the gaps. Because the composite is added directly to your teeth, there is precise control overfilling the gaps in a way that creates proportionality for your whole smile! There is no better way to solve a “gappy” smile than with Puresmile! This also eliminates the need to seek out treatments such as Invisalign or traditional braces since we can correct these gaps without having to move your natural teeth.

No worries! You are still a candidate for Puresmile! We often replace old veneers, crowns, or even recently placed veneers with Puresmile! Patients who have had this done typically comment on how their teeth feel stronger and look more natural with Puresmile than with veneers or crowns!

If so, this is also not a problem! We also replace dental implant crowns with composite resin, especially if they are front teeth. We also place dental implants if needed. Recent studies have shown that composite resin on dental implants behaves mechanically more like natural teeth than porcelain or ceramic crowns!

The unique properties of composite resin and its strong bond strength to enamel means that your Puresmile tooth will never “pop” off like a porcelain veneer or even thinner Lumineers can! Say goodbye to the anxiety, worry, and potential embarrassment of your veneer falling out!

100% Noninvasive!

If you aren’t happy with your current smile and you have thought about getting porcelain veneers but are hesitant because of the fear of cutting or shaving down your teeth, you aren’t alone! This is one of the most common fears we hear from our patients interested in smile makeovers, and this fear is well justified. Permanently removing healthy tooth structure leads to potential tooth problems down the road, such as root canals and sometimes even tooth extraction! Luckily, there is a way to have the smile of your dreams without removing any healthy tooth structure! It’s called Puresmile! We use a special material called composite resin which can be molded or added to your teeth! The material begins as a putty that is sculpted to your teeth and then is hardened using a light set at a specific wavelength that cures the material. This property allows us to enhance your smile without removing any enamel! What a comforting feeling it is to know that your teeth are still intact underneath.

Naturally beautiful!

Puresmile looks and feels like your natural tooth structure! Don’t just take our word on this, check out our results and what our happy patients say about their new Puresmiles! Now more than ever, people want a smile that looks natural. We often hear that our patients want their smiles to be white and look natural. They don’t want their teeth to look like “chiclets.” They don’t want their smile to look fake. “They look like my teeth, but just way better!” Is one of the most common comments we get from our Puresmile patients! The combination of natural beauty and noninvasive properties makes this the obvious best choice for enhancing your smile!

Customized to you!

Your new Puresmile teeth are sculpted and designed right in your mouth, allowing us to make sure that the shapes, sizes, and proportions of your new teeth properly match the proportions of your face and lips! Traditional porcelain veneers, and Lumineers, are made in a lab on a model of your teeth without any facial references in place. This makes it challenging to create a smile that is in harmony with your face. Contrast this to Puresmile, which is done in real-time on you with all of your facial references right at our fingertips. This also allows you to give real-time feedback to us on the shapes and sizes of your teeth. Changes can be made right then and there to customize the teeth to look just the way you had imagined your new smile to be! Basically this is the smile makeover of your dreams, how cool is that?!

New smile completed in just 48 hours!

Wishing you could have the smile makeover you’ve always wanted with just a quick “I Dream of Jeannie” nose wiggle?  Well, now you just about can with Puresmile.  The Puresmile process is seamlessly efficient! Most would agree that being in a dental office is the last place they want to spend time. Multiple visits over months to get a new smile are emotionally demanding and create high levels of anxiety for most people! Imagine skipping all of that, coming in for one visit over a period of 48 hours, and leaving with your custom smile in under 48 hours! This is Puresmile! This is incredibly convenient for our patients who travel. We have people coming to Arete Smile Design Center for their new PUREsmile from all over the United States and even from other countries worldwide.  A new smile in just 48 hours means that you only have to book one flight, and you’ll head back home after you visit with your completed gorgeous new PUREsmile.  This is truly amazing!

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Similar to natural tooth structure!

It’s a bad day when your porcelain veneer pops off, leaving you with an exposed “nubbin” of a tooth underneath! This happens more often than dentists want to admit and is perhaps the biggest fear patients with veneers have! This can even happen with Lumineers over time.  This will never happen with Puresmile composite resin. Because of the unique properties of composite resin and the strong bond strengths to enamel, the material flexes and moves with the natural flexure and movement of the tooth and will not come off. Patients with veneers will tell us that their teeth feel weak and are afraid that their veneers will pop off. Patients with Puresmile often comment that their teeth feel stronger than before. This is especially true with Patient’s who have had veneers or crowns replaced with Puresmile composite resin!

Added protection and reduced sensitivity!

Because we add to your teeth and don’t take away, we are actually creating a protective barrier between the harsh environment of your mouth and your natural tooth structure when we complete your Puresmile smile makeover. Erosion and wear happen to all teeth over time. What if we could cover your teeth with a material that not only is beautiful and looks like natural teeth but prevents further wear and erosion of your natural tooth? This is what Puresmile does! It also creates insulation in areas prone to sensitivity, such as recession. Unlike porcelain veneers, which can potentially create sensitivity because of the removal of enamel, Puresmile typically reduces sensitivity!

Total control over color! 

Whether you want that ultra-white “Hollywood” smile or a more natural look, Puresmile gives us the control to customize the color to exactly what you are looking for.  Adding the composite directly to your tooth allows for us to have this precise control.  Better yet, Puresmile will provide superior results to any teeth whitening system because it will never fade

When I saw my new smile for the first time, I couldn't even believe it. I was blown away! I love my new smile so much!

When I saw my new smile for the first time, I couldn't even believe it. I was blown away! I love my new smile so much!

Repairable and polishable!

Allow though Puresmile is very durable and holds up to most typical things you use your teeth for, like anything, it is not infallible. Although a rare occurrence, it can chip or break, just like a natural tooth structure. However, the beauty of the composite resin is that it can simply be repaired in one visit. Porcelain fractures require full replacement of the veneer and multiple visits to fix the problem, not to mention repeated drilling on your tooth! In our experience over the years, we have observed more chipping and problems with porcelain than with composite resin!

Longevity and color stability

 Studies show that on average porcelain veneers need to be replaced after 10-15 years. Every time the veneer is replaced the tooth is cut on again. Our oldest Puresmile case is 14 years old, and is still holding very well and is still the same exact color as the day it was placed.  We use material from the company Cosmedent, which states that their material is 100% color stable. We are confident that a Puresmile smile makeover is at least as durable as porcelain if not more – we are confident you will not have a single regret with your new smile, other than maybe wishing you’d had done it sooner!


Although this something we’ve yet to have any patient want to do, Puresmile is technically reversible. Because we haven’t removed tooth structure, we can remove the composite resin, exposing your original teeth and bringing your smile back to what it was. Most people would not want to do this, but it is comforting to know that you could if you wanted!

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Get the exact shade of white teeth you've always wanted! No bleaching and never fading.
100% Non-invasive - the ultimate smile makeover that removes none of your natural tooth structure
Puresmile creates symmetry and eliminates a gummy smile, and makes your smile whiter and brighter without removing any natural tooth structure.
Small teeth? Puresmile is the perfect solution to create a fuller and brighter smile in just 48 hours
Replace veneers and crowns with Puresmile
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