We are considered an unrestricted provider, which means we accept all PPO plans, this will be indicated on your insurance card. This allows you to visit a provider of your choice and we hope you choose us. There are a number of misconceptions about dental insurance and you should take time to speak with your insurance provider to know exactly what they will and will not cover. You can also speak with us and we’ll do our very best to make your payment options clear.


Yes, we are considered an unrestricted provider, which means we accept all PPO Plans (this should be indicated on your insurance card) that will allow you to visit a provider of your choice.

Choosing an unrestricted provider gives you the freedom to choose a provider while creating an experience that will far exceed your expectations. You are more than your insurance, and we strongly believe you deserve to choose your provider and the quality of treatment you deserve.

At Areté Smile Design Center, we do not believe in cutting corners, we do not believe in compromising quality in order to increase the number of patients, and we do not believe in limitations. We DO believe in the quality of experience and focus on creating and establishing long term relationships, our patients are family. We invite you to experience Arete Smile Design Center where we are passionate about what we do and see how being a co-creator of your smile can change your life.

Many patients have a misconception about dental insurance. Deductibles, maximum’s and waiting periods can make your insurance plan difficult to navigate. It is the opposite of traditional insurances. Dental insurance is a benefit and once you meet your maximum, which is typical $1000-$1500 a year, you will pay out of pocket. If you need several crowns, implants or full-mouth restoration, your insurance will quickly max out. It will make little if any difference if you go in or out of network.

We can always submit what is called a “pre-authorization” to your insurance to get an estimate of what they will pay before you have any treatment done. It IS NOT a guarantee of benefits and is only meant to give an idea of what your out of pocket expenses will be. In our experience, DMBA is the only insurance that will not provide pre-authorizations. Otherwise, we are happy to submit a pre-authorization, but please be aware, that your insurance has 30 days to respond, and we do ask that you wait to schedule until we have received your pre-authorization.


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