Digital Smile Design


Your smile should fit your face and not seem artificial or imposed. To achieve the perfect results we start with the perfect design. Photographs and 3D impressions allow us to plan every detail of your smile with unmatched precision. When we’re finished you’ll see a smile that is uniquely you, working in harmony with your eyes, lips and the aesthetic flow of your face. Superior techniques give us predictable, consistent and exceptional results. Your smile will always be yours, unique, special and beautiful.

What is it?

Digital smile design (DSD) is a treatment planning protocol whereby we’re able to create a smile that matches the natural aesthetic flow of your facial features by using state-of-the-art digital photography and 3D imagery. We match your face while improving on the parts of your smile that you’re not comfortable with. This is the most modern and patient-centric design approach available. Nothing matches the results of DSD for a cosmetic smile makeover when done by true masters of the craft like those at Areté.

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Further Understanding

Combining dentistry, aesthetics and advanced technology, DSD is the pursuit of smile excellence. From design to execution, DSD allows us to give you a clear, incredibly detailed simulation of what your smile will look like long before we begin the procedure. You are part of this process each step of the way. We are building your smile for your face. Each DSD patient is unique and special to us and we approach every DSD procedure with the highest quality of skill and patient care.

Why would I want DSD

A confident person is a much happier person. If you’re unhappy with your smile and it makes you self conscious when taking photographs or talking with strangers, then DSD is right for you.

Overbite or teeth cutting into gums and causing pain. DSD can help correct this.
Each patient has a unique look and unique desires. DSD can address them all specifically.
You’re not limited to a single course of treatment, focus on what you want when you need it.
DSD allows for better, wider communication between you and the dentists, you all know the next steps together.
The Process
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Intake and Photos

We examine your teeth and listen carefully to what you’re looking to change or improve. We answer all your questions and we finish up by taking photos of your teeth and facial structure.

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Smile Design

We analyze your facial structure, the distance ratio of teeth and gums and create your perfect smile, showing you the results before any procedure is started. If you’re happy we discuss how to achieve the smile.

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Treatment Plan

You’ll get a plan of treatments needed to achieve that perfect smile, time frame, and cost for the procedures. We’ll continue to answer questions and then, if you agree, we move forward.



During the intake and all through the DSD procedure we will be here to answer any of your questions and make sure you’re a part of the procedure every step of the way.

Very accurate. Using the DSD technology a technician will do what’s called a wax-up. Using wax models, photographs and facial analysis to give an extremely accurate preview of the end results.
Depending on your personal dental needs, the time frame, the types of procedures will be explained to you in detail. Once you’re comfortable with the information then appointments can be made and the actual procedures can begin.
When all the procedures have been successfully completed, we’ll do a final check to make sure the smile is perfect and then, we’ll do one last photo session so you can have photos to show off.
Just you. Bring yourself and what you see as being your perfect smile. Bring your desire to be your best self and your openness to suggestions. DSD is limited only by your imagination.
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A Dentist Who Truly Cares

An accident at the gym, three years of torture and uncertainty. Finally, she found a dentist who really cared about her well being and giving her back the perfect smile. She owes it all to Doctor Davis.


Dentistry With Kindness

Fear of the dentist overcome by kindness, understanding and an entire dental practice that truly listens, trust cares and strives for the best smile possible. That’s the way dentistry should be.
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Before & After

Our Incredible

Our process is the cutting edge of the dental industry. Digital Smile Design shows the end result before we engage in treatment. Take part in the design of your smile. Leave our clinic with a beautiful smile that is uniquely you!
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