An Incomparable Dental Care Experience

What makes our care so incomparable? You. You’re the sole reason we what we do at a skill level that exceeds and inspires. We offer a wide range of services and each one is executed with world-class precision and a dedicated focus on how it benefits and complements your life.


From smile design to oral surgery, each service we provide is backed by superior experience and unsurpassed training. We seek to create a life long partnership with you, keeping your smile perfect while building an unbreakable trust for many years to come.


Advanced Dental Services

Utilizing photos and 3D impressions, we perfect every detail of your smile and simulate results for you to see before we begin treatment.
Precision, detail, and mastery of facial esthetics, morphology, function, and occlusion means your cosmetic work is always going to be the very best possible.
A bio-compatible titanium base functions as the root of the tooth placed right in the jaw. Secure and attractive, designed for the long term.
From cleanings and fillings to crowns and bridges we approach every procedure with expertise and experience so you always know you’re getting the very best.
Simple procedures or more advanced surgical techniques are all in our purview. Skilled, experienced hands and innovative techniques give you peerless results every time.

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Customer Reviews

What people say about Areté

My wife and I are long-time patients of Dr. Davis and have never considered changing even though we live in Salt Lake City and must drive nearly a half hour on the freeway to his practice in Bountiful.  Between us we have received several fillings and crowns  with excellent, pain-free service and without incident. We are especially pleased with my wife’s implant. Dr. Davis and all of his staff are extremely friendly and helpful, providing excellent service with billings, appointments and dental hygiene.  Having visited this practice for so long, we consider him and his staff not only as excellent service providers but as friends. We strongly recommend them to anyone looking for outstanding dental work at reasonable prices.

Paul & Gertrud Carpenter

If you’ve got to have interactions with a perfectionist, you want him to be your dentist. Dr. Davis is a perfectionist, but he’s also very unique in that he still has great social skills as well. He insists that everything is right. He and all his staff are great to work with. The front desk and dental assistants are all professional and kind.

Mike Grover  


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