Beautiful, natural, undetectable. A smile that is distinctly you. We’ve seen first-hand the impact our work has had in the lives of our patients. Your smile can bring out the beauty in yourself, the beauty in others, and your smile can change the world. Every service at Areté Smile Design Center is carefully approached to be as undetectable and natural looking as possible. Whether we’re working on your front-most tooth or your furthest back molar, you can count on us to make it blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Our Cosmetic
Clinically proven to brighten the toughest stains, our KöRTM whitening system can help you get that extra boost of confidence. We offer at-home or in-house whitening options.
Veneers are thin, decorative coverings laid over your natural teeth, used to conceal a variety of imperfections such as chips, cracks, stains, gaps and alignment issues, and worn or disproportionate teeth.
A dental crown is a “full coverage” restoration of your existing tooth that completely replaces the damaged or decayed tooth structure with superior structural integrity and life-like appearance.
Dental bridges are effective cosmetic treatments that can provide beautiful results while helping to improve speaking, chewing, and a variety of other problems associated with missing teeth.
Our specially-trained doctors are certified through AAFE to responsibly and strategically administer Botox® therapy and dermal fillers for therapeutic purposes, or to help you achieve a more youthful appearance
Invisalign® is designed to help correct bite issues and straighten teeth quickly and discreetly. Using custom clear, removable aligner trays, providing safe and effective teeth straightening with increased comfort and convenience.
Cosmetic dental bonding is a minimally invasive treatment that can help improve the appearance and function of teeth imperfections such as gaps, chips, and discolorations. Results are often long-lasting and often in a single visit.
If your gums look bulky and more prominent than you would like, our doctors are highly experienced in procedures to reestablish proper proportions of your gums and teeth.
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Our process is the cutting edge of the dental industry. Digital Smile Design shows the end result before we engage in treatment. Take part in the design of your smile. Leave our clinic with a beautiful smile that is uniquely you!
Why Teeth Whitening?
The bright white of your teeth can change due to several factors. Food, drink, tobacco use, age, and even some medications can cause your teeth to become yellowed over time and cause a loss of original whiteness to your teeth. Teeth whitening is a simple process whereby whiteners are used to break stains into smaller pieces so that they aren’t as noticeable. We use peroxide bleach gel which is refrigerated to prevent breakdown and give the best clean for the brightest smile possible.
dentist whitening patients teeth
Do you need it?
If you find you’re smiling less because you’re self-conscious about the color of your teeth then you may want to think about a tooth whitening system. Perhaps you recently quit smoking and you want to remove all remnants of that habit a tooth whitening can help you move on. Overuse of teeth whiteners can cause sensitivity to the teeth and gums and even some damage if the whitener is used for too long. We’ll help you choose the treatment that’s best for you.
Our Advanced Technology
We use a whitening gel that is refrigerated from creation to application. This advanced technology allows for optimum whitening because the whitening agent does not break down. We can work in-office or send you home with a whitening kit.
If you don’t have time to spend in our office we can send you home with a pre-packed whitening kit and instructions.
Look for a toothpaste that has the ADA seal of approval They will get rid of stains and give you a nice polish as well. They are also safe for extensive use.
These products, such as pastes or strips, have a lower concentration of bleach than you’ll find in our offices. Again, look for the ADA seal of approval.
This involves using a specific frequency of light to whiten teeth. It is not recommended as, like getting a sunburn, UV light can damage your teeth.
dentist showing patient veneer options

A veneer is a thin, decorative covering laid over your teeth usually for the purpose of enhanced esthetics. These are custom-designed to exactly match the natural shape and color of your existing teeth.

dentist prepping veneers

We offer two types. Porcelain veneers are hand-crafted in our dental lab and are made of porcelain. Composite veneers are made of composite materials and crafted for fit and look inside your mouth.

dentist testing different veneers on patient

Veneers are cosmetic, if you have chipped, cracked or broken teeth or your teeth are discolored with stains, or worn and disproportionate, veneers can rectify those problems and give you a beautiful smile.

Our Advanced Technology

By covering damage or discoloration, veneers can give you back your natural smile and your confidence as well. Matching the shape and color of your teeth make veneers a perfect fit and the right choice for your smile.

Created in our lab then perfectly fitting to your smile. You can see them before they go in and we can do a single tooth or a full arch.

Handcrafted inside your mouth by our artistic dentists, they can be done in one day. Fitting the shape and color of your natural teeth.
Once your veneers are secured they require no extra work. You can brush and floss them like your natural teeth.
When properly designed and cared for, veneers can last for decades and look good for a long time as well.
model of a tooth crown
What is it?

Dental crowns are a “full coverage” restoration of your existing tooth that completely replaces the damaged or decayed tooth structure. At Areté Smile Design Center, we superior esthetic qualities use crown materials. We will always choose the appropriate crown material for its intended location and application.

Do you need it?

Natural: Porcelain or zirconia dental crowns are extremely durable and allow for seamless match to existing teeth.
Durable: Our crown materials are long lasting and durable.
Functional: Crowns allow for optimal functionality while eating and speaking and help restore overall oral health.
Brighter Smile: Crowns can help you feel better about your overall health and smile.

dentist preparing a dental crown
Our Advanced Technology

Used for restorative and cosmetic purposes, a crown can help an ailing tooth regain strength and integrity while also returning its natural beauty. We approach crowns with a level of precision and skill rarely seen in the industry.

A crown will give good support to a tooth damaged by decay
If a tooth is worn away or starting to wear, a crown will offer protection against further decay.
If the tooth is severely cracked or broken, a crown will hold the tooth together, preventing more destruction.
A crown can improve the appearance of a tooth by changing its shape or even the color of the tooth.
What is it?

A dental bridge will, quite literally, bridge the gap where a tooth or teeth are missing. Using the teeth on either side of the gap we anchor a pontic, a false tooth, in the opening bridging the gap.

dentist explaining bridge procedure to patient

When a tooth or teeth are missing the jawline can look aged, your bite can be affected and your smile can look off. Teeth can become crooked moving toward the gap and decay can result from teeth shifting.

model of what a bridge for teeth looks like
Do you need it?

If you’re having trouble chewing properly or speaking clearly, that may be the result of missing teeth and a bridge will help. If you’re shy about your smile due to missing teeth a bridge will help that as well.

dentist using tool to fix a tooth bridge
Our Advanced Technology

Missing teeth can cause the face to sag, the lips to flatten, look thin and lead to decay and pain. A bridge is a treatment option to fill in gaps and avoid further problems with your teeth and gums.

Gaps from missing teeth can make you self conscious about your smile. Lose the gap, take your smile back and regain confidence with a bridge.
Missing teeth can change the shape of your face, add age. Jowls can form, your lips can thin and flatten. A bridge prevents all of that.
Teeth can drift toward the gaps left by missing teeth, making your smile less attractive. A bridge keeps your teeth where they should be.
When teeth are missing the force of your bite can be unevenly distributed. A bridge fills in gaps and allows the bite force to cover all the teeth in an even fashion.
What is Botox?

Botox is most commonly used for the reduction of wrinkles, however, it has many therapeutic properties. Botox can be used for muscle relief therapy, TMJ disorders and relieving migraine headaches. When responsibly used by trained doctors, its neurotoxic effects can be harnessed therapeutically by temporarily blocking the nerve stimulation to specific muscle fibers. Backed by 15 years of clinical studies, Botox has been shown to prevent up to 9 headache days per month and is proven to reduce symptoms of TMD as well.

patient being administered a syringe in the lips
male patient being administered a syringe in the forehead

Fillers are products such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and calcium hydroxylapatite, that add fullness to parts of the face and reduce the look of wrinkles. Usually, these injectable fillers can be applied in a single visit and they can last up to six months at a time depending on location. Fillers can be used to add plumpness to lips that appear thin and flat. They can also relax the wrinkles and soften the worried look that can come from lines between the brows.

Our Advanced Technology

Both Botox & Fillers can be used for cosmetic as well as therapeutic purposes. Relaxing migraines, smoothing wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead or plumping lips, when administered by trained professionals, the results are lasting and beautiful.

Muscle movement can cause wrinkles. These are known as dynamic wrinkles or sometimes “expression lines”. Botox only works on these types of wrinkles.
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons considers Botox to be safe. There are some minor side effects but most of these are only temporary.
Calcium hydroxylapatite, which is a mineral-like compound found in bones. Hyaluronic acid, which is found in some fluids and tissues in the body, Polylactic acid, which stimulates the skin to make more collagen, Polyalkylimide, a transparent gel that is compatible with the body.
There are, however, most cosmetic specialists suggest temporary fillers as permanent ones cannot adjust to the changes in bone structure and skin that occur with the aging process and end up looking very bad.
dentist cutting their invisalign
What is it?

Invisalign are clear plastic trays that fit snuggly and precisely over the teeth and help to move them gradually to the perfect arch-form, bite alignment and give you the most beautiful smile possible.

patient putting invisalign onto their teeth

Those who have crowded teeth, gaps that need to be closed or help to reduce a gummy smile. These are not the best option for more complex cases but they will correct many smile defects.

dental patient with Invisalign installed

Invisalign has advantages over metal braces; they are more comfortable, fewer risks to teeth and gums, they are virtually invisible so there are no self-confidence issues and they create a beautiful smile quicker.

Our Advanced Technology

The Invisalign clear aligners look better than the usual metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands. Because they are virtually invisible they are perfect for adults, who don’t need to look like teenagers and kids as well.

The trays are removable so that means you’re not limited in what you can eat or what activities you can partake in.
Cleaning around traditional braces can be difficult. Because the Invisalign can be removed, you can easily brush and floss as usual.
Unlike traditional braces, there are no wires to break and cut the gums and there is no pain from sharp brackets and harsh tightening.
The Invisalign system does cost more than traditional braces but most agree it’s worth the cost. You achieve your optimal smile quicker, easier and there is no embarrassment of a “metal mouth” while your smile comes in.
up close of patients mouth with a chipped tooth
What is it?

Bonding or dental bonding is a precise technique where white, tooth-colored composite filling material is used to fill or repair minor defects in teeth. Bonding is used for improving the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Fill in a gap between teeth or slight lengthening of teeth for an enhanced look. Applying bonding requires precision and attention to detail and that’s where we at Areté shine as bright as your smile. Detail, experience, and care all go into making your bonding experience the best possible.

Do you need it?

Basically, there are two groups that are good candidates for dental bonding. Those who are looking for restoration; fillings, repairs of chips, cracks or breaks and those who are in need of cosmetic help. This would include no-prep veneers, small gaps between teeth or an oddly shaped tooth. The bonding material can be applied to the teeth to fix dark or white spots. Also, if you have a small, old mercury filling, composite binding is a perfect replacement or for repairing an otherwise healthy tooth.

dentist evaluating patients teeth with dental mirror
Our Advanced Technology

Bonding works to improve the appearance of teeth, change the shape, sharpen the color and generally make your smile brighter and more attractive. We believe that achieving your perfect smile will give you confidence and improve your self-esteem.

Bonding can improve the shape of a tooth which will add to the betterment of your entire smile.
Bonding comes in a variety of colors so you can brighten your smile, cover white or dark spots and make you want to smile more.
With proper care, bonding can last for years, without any need for touch-ups. Which, in many cases, means your bonding lasts longer than bleaching or most other whitening regimes.
If you compare dental bonding to other cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers, you’ll find bonding costs less.
What is it?

A gingivectomy, or “gum lift” is a simple surgical procedure that removes any excessive soft tissue from around the gum line. Underneath this excessive tissue is your natural tooth. The procedure is quick, safe and effective with lasting results.

woman in red shirt and red lipstick smiling
How is it done?

With our advanced soft tissue surgical technology, the procedure is relatively painless. We use a Radiosurge electrosurgery unit that is specifically designed for delicate and intricate soft tissue removal and management. No scalpels or harsh cutting is involved.

dentist explaining gum lift to patient
Who would benefit?

Anyone with excessive soft tissue build-up or someone whose teeth inadequately erupted from the gums when they were growing up. In either case, a “gummy smile” is easily rectified with this procedure. The procedure gives you a much clearer smile.

dentist explaining gum lift procedure with plastic model
Our Advanced Technology

A gingivectomy raises the gum line, resulting in a balancing of the tooth to gum ratio for a fuller, brighter smile. This can build self-confidence giving you a boost in your self-esteem. Never underestimate the power of a beautiful smile.

If you have too much gum covering your teeth the results of a gum lift will be immediately noticeable and there is no lengthy healing time.
The results of a gum lift are permanent. Because the soft tissue is removed, there’s no need to repeat the process once it’s been done. Your post gum lift smile will remain.
The procedure is purely cosmetic. Although we do use it to remove hollows that could harbor bacteria, it is not a cure for gum disease. That is best confronted with a strong oral hygiene regimen.
In the past, this procedure could only be done with a scalpel, now, with our advanced Radiosurge technology, there is no cutting so there is no pain.
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