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Dr. Jordan Davis Dentist Salt Lake City
Dr. Jordan Davis

You can have your puresmile for as low

Are you ready to start your Puresmile journey?  Follow the steps below to schedule your Puresmile consultation today!  

*based on approval with 3rd party financing

Step 1
Complete the form below with your information and reserve your Puresmile consultation now. Since many of our Puresmile patients come from all over the country, we offer virtual and in-person consults; make sure to include your preference in the form below.

Step 2
Our team will reach out to you no later than the next business day to schedule your consultation and start your Puresmile journey.  You will also receive a confirmation email with our office contact information to reach out to if you have any additional questions.

If you’d rather speak to our Puresmile team right away, call (385) 758-5812


Step 1: Complete the form with your information below

Would you rather speak to our team right away?  Call today!

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